Set Google Logos Of Your Choice On Your Google HomePage


You all must have seen many logos of google. On every occasion google changes it's logo on it's homepage which suits the occasion. The logos it uses are so good and interesting that many of us wants to use that logo also called doodle as the default logo so today i am going to tell you how you can install google doodles of your choice and set it as your default doodle. If you want you can also make a doodle for google and submit it or propose an idea by writing to the doodle designers team of google at

To install google doodle of your choice:

  • Now click on install under favourite doodle so that you can set the default doodle of your choice. (Remember you have to use chrome browser for this thing to work)
  • Choose the doodle which you like and click on Make This My Favourite Doodle! under the doodle which you want.
You have finally set the doodle of your choice. You have thousands of doodle to choose from. Now style your google homepage the way you want.

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