Convert any Folder to ISO Image File
Trick to convert any Folder to ISO Image FileAn ISO image is uncompressed archive which contains all the files of the DVD or CD from which it is copied.These ISO images can be easily burned to DVD or CD’s.They can also be mounted so that computer will treat them as a actual optical disk.If you want to create a bootable DVD/CD for your windows operating system then you have to create an ISO image of the windows Setup before burning it to DVD/CD.There are large number of softwares available to create ISO images like Power ISO but most of them are paid and large in size.By using this trick you can create an ISO image from a freeware utility.

  • First of all download ISO Recorder for XP from here , for Vista & Windows 7 from here and install it.
  • Now go to your Folder for which you want to create an ISO file.
  • Right click on that Folder and choose Create ISO Image File option.

  • In pop up window browse the location where you want to save this .iso file and click on the next button.

  • After this you will see a message saying like this Operation has been completed and click on the finish button.

  • Now go to the location where you had save the .iso file and you will see a image file like this.

To open these ISO files you need software like WinRAR, Demons Tools, Power ISO etc.

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