Get upto 100 MBPS Internet speed [Funny Trick]

Today I will show you how to Fool your friends. They should think that you have internet connection up to 100 MBPS speed.

1st, You need to create a home server (PHP OR HTTP any thing you want) on your PC. You can use tools like “XAMPP” OR “WAMP” OR “EASY PHP”.

2nd, Now open the folder “htdocs” (For XAMPP) or “www” (For WAMP & EASY PHP). And copy-paste your file there which you want to download.

3rd, Then start the server and open “” or “localhost” on your browser.


4th, Now find the file out and download it form your home server. You should get up to 100 MBPS speed depending on your Processor and HDD speed. I got 20 MBPS Speed form my PC.

Note: If your friend is really smart, he will find your trick. To fool your friends completely you need
some domain name. To create your domain for your localhost, Explore %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc
and open "hosts" with notepad or any text editor. Then change the “localhost” to anything you want.
You can also add a second line for another domain. Use as your IP address.

So ENJOY this trick.. Fool your friends and comment here.

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