How to Upgrade your gmail's look
Recently, Google Search got a new look and it's awesome. And now it's time for GMail. Today, Google has added two new themes, which you can find under Themes Tab in Gmail Settings, named "Preview(Dense)" and "Preview". These are actually the previews of the new Gmail Look which you can try out now! Here is the Preview of the new Inbox:

Image By Google
 And here's the preview of the Conversation:

Image By Google
It seems like Google has started to upgrade all it's services to this new Google Look! At the end of the official post, it is stated that Google Calender will soon be updated.
If you're using Gmail and want to switch to this new look, then follow these instructions:
[1]Go to Gmail and Sign in.
[2]Now, click on the Settings Button (Top Right corner of the screen) and under it, click on "Mail Settings".
[3]Next, Click on the Themes Tab and under it you'll find two new themes (at the end): "Preview" and "Preview Dense".
[4]Select one according to your need and click on save.

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