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Free' and 'Good' are the two words which can't be used together. But, what's your say? I have tried my luck in Free Wordpress Hosting, but atlast, I got nothing but a 'Database Error' Landing Page! As my Domain Name, I used a free domain name. When I was a newbie blogger, my first blog was hosted on Google Blogger (not this one!) and I didn't liked domain, so I switched to CO.NR which assigns you a Domain Name, and redirects it to your long subdomain which you want to hide. But you don't exactly own a CO.NR Domain as it only redirects a visitor to your subdomain. But you can own a Domain name (for free) and use it just as .COM,.IN, .ORG. Here is a big list of Domain Names which you can use for free and as your own, so that when someone searches the WHOIS for your Domain, your company name or your name will appear.

 Here are some of the Free and premium like Domain names which I recommend you to use.

  • CO.CC - The Best Free Domain Offering Service. It looks and sounds professional and the big thing- You Own It!
  • CO.TV - It sounds like a premium domain, but it might sound awkward when used with a Tech Related Blog!(TV!). So use it carefully. It's the best free domain name for Entertainment websites or blog.
  • .FREE - .Free is a new domain name best suited with a blogs or websites that offer free product downloads, etc. You can preregister your domain name now!
  • CZ.CC - A Good Domain Name, but very difficult to remember! You think yourself- - It's awkward! But yeah, if you like it, then you can use it.
  •  .TK - a Country Top Level Domain just like .in, but is free of cost. It's short, sweet and easy to remember! But there is a limitation of 25 hits per 90 days. If your site doesn't get 25 Pageviews in 90 Days, then they will deactivate your Domain.
  • BIZ.LY - Another Free Domain Name. It's best suited for business related websites.
I hope you like the above list. Want more? Here are some more Domain Names (Which I personally don't like as some of them look like subdomains and non-professional):


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