Unlock Windows 7 Hidden Themes

In windows 7 there are some hidden themes which you can unlock and use. Actually there is different theme for different country and depending upon your windows country type only one theme gets unlocked and rest of the themes are left hidden. For example if your windows is of Australia then for you other country themes like that of US will remain hidden. But if you want then you can use those hidden themes as well.

Here are the steps to unlock those hidden themes:

  • Firstly click on start and open computer.
  • Now copy and paste the below code in the address bar (Do not try to navigate to it as folder named MCT is hidden so you will not find it.)


  • Now open all the folders one by one. For example open MCT-AU and now open folder named Theme and finally double click on the file in it. Now repeat the same for all the folders.
  • Now when you right click on the desktop and then click Personalize then you will also see a new theme which you can now use.


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