Play Game in MS Excel
Step 1. Open Ms Excel
Step 2. In the First Cell of THe Worksheet press spacebar and then on the file menu clik on "Save As Web page"

Step 3. Click On THe Selection Sheet Radio button and then click on "add interactively"...

Step 4. Save the File

Step 5. open the file ull see a Excel Sheet....

Step 6. With the Help of Page Down on ur keyboard point to Row Number 2000

Step 7. Then Point to Column "WC"

Step 8. Go To the Column WC such That It is on the extreme left of ur screen

Step 9. Click on 2000 Such that whole row is selected

10. While Pressing CTRL+ALT+SHIFT CLik on The "Microsoft office" Logo on the same sheet on the extreme left of your Sheet....

Step 11. There u r with your game.....

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