Backup your Google data with Takeout

Now to save the information of it's users google lauched a service named Takeout which people can use to backup all their data on available on google with a click. Keeping in mind the importance of the google users information, google has done a great job by launching this service. This service is brought to you by The Data Liberation Front.

What all information you can take a backup of :
  • The list of the sites you did a +1
  • Your Buzz data.
  • Your Contacts and Circles.
  • Your Picasa Albums.
  • Your Google Profile.
  • Your google plus Stream data.
Note: You can even backup a particular data if you want.
How to backup?
  • Now if you want to take the backup of all your data then simply click on Create Archive.
  • Or if you want to backup a particular data then firstly click on Choose Services and then select the service you want to take the backup of (you can select multiple services) and then finally click on Create Archive.

  • Once you click on create archive the processing will start. After the processing completes simply click on the download button and then the downloading will start.
Now you have all your google data in your computer and you need not to worry of it's being lost by some mistake. Enjoy and keep watching..

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