This tutorial explains how to copy music CDs that are copy-protected with ‘copy control technology.’ It will only work on music CDs and not on (for example) game CDs. I have only used this approach with Windows XP, but there's a good chance it will work with other versions of Windows also.

How to know your CD is protected or not ??

Explore your cd. If you find all the files have '.cda' extension then your cd is protected. Another easiest method is just copy the cd to your computer. And try to play.


1st, you need Windows Media Player 11 or better version.

2nd, Insert your cd / dvd on the drive. Any play with Media Player.

3rd, Then go to the Rip Tab and select all songs then start ripping.

It’s done now. You will find all music files on your “My Music” Folder.

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