How to Secure your Mobile Bluetooth Device

 Secure Your Mobile BT DEVICE from HAckers

Complete the following Steps and secure your Mobile BT Device
1. Always turn off your Bluetooth. Turn on only when you are sending or Receiving some file...

2. Make Your Phone Visibility To HIDDEN. So none can find your Bluetooth Device without your permission or making any unauthorized Connection Request…

3. Use your Phone Memory as a shared Device.. If some one hack your mobile device they can't see your Memory Card....

4. Set your "Auto-Connection without Confirmation" to NO in all paired Devices. When someone in your Paired Device List trying to make DUN or FTP connection with your BT Device you will be asked for Confirmation…

You are Done Now..... None can Hack Your Mobile BT Device.....!!!!
Keep Watching on HACK IN TRUTHS...

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