Create a Password Protected Virtual HDD.

1st, Download Truecrypt form the link bellow.

2nd, Extract and open "TrueCrypt.exe"

3rd, Click on Create Volume.

4th, Select "Create an encrypted file container" and click Next

5th, Select Standard TrueCrypt volume.

NOTE: Hidden TrueCrypt is better way if you are encrypting some confidencial file..

6th, Now select the Volume Location and click on next.

7th, Now select the Encryption and Hash Algorithm type. Select any algorithm you want. [Twofish-Serpent is the best way suggested by me.]

8th, Now type your Virtual HDD capacity and click on next

9th, Now type your password, confirm click on next.

10th,Select your file system NTFS and click on Format HDD.

You are done now.!!!! Keep Watching on Hack In Truths

Download it Here [].rar

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