Cool Notepad error....

Cool Notepad Software Bug trick..

Type any sentence of 4-3-3-5 letters like "bush hid the facts" and save it any thing you like.

Then open the file and you will found some error in the sentence like that..

Hacking Truth: "Bush hid the facts" is a common name for a bug present in the function IsTextUnicode of Microsoft Windows, which causes a file of text encoded in Windows-1252 or similar encoding to be interpreted as if it were UTF-16LE, resulting in mojibake. When "Bush hid the facts" is put in a new Notepad document and saved, closed, and reopened, the words "畢桳栠摩琠敨映捡獴". The bug can be triggered by many sentences with characters and spaces in a particular order (4-3-3-5). Other popular strings are "this app can break", “acre vai pra globo”, and "aaaa aaa aaa aaaaa".

Note: It's tested on windows xp default Notepad application. Some application like Notepad ++ supports  UTF-16LE encoding. So it will not work for this type of application.

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