Shutdown your friends PC while chatting
Step 1:  Make a shortcut on desktop by Right click on desktop, and then go to New, then Shortcut.

Step 2:  Then in the "type location of the item" type: 
%windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -s -t 60 -c "Click It" 
  •  Here 60 in time duration in seconds after which the computer will shutdown. You can change it to any.
  • Here Click It is the text which will appear on shutdown notice window. You can also change it.
Step 3:  Click on next and given a name click on finish.

Step 4:  Now right click on the shortcut and Change its name and icon to something interesting.

Step 5:  Now to send it to some one you need to make a compressed file by right clicking on the desktop, go to New, Compressed file (zipped). Then Zipped folder will appear.

Step 6:  Drag your shutdown virus into this zipped folder and rename it something interesting like photos/ games etc.

Step 7:  Now send it to your friends and shutdown their pc while chatting.

Hacking Truth: This is not an actual virus. It is just the shortcut of SHUTDOWN. This trick will not harm your PC. So when your friend will restart his/her PC it will restart normally.

Note: When the timer will start, it can't be stopped even by deleting the file which you have created.

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  1. cool command

    but, can terminate shutdown by simply "shutdown /a" in command prompt
    (in windows 7 open cmd as administrator (just right click on cmd)

  2. It can be stopped
    using shutdown -a command

  3. @ Robin & Srihari

    That's right. But it can't be stopped if you are using 00 as your time.... Thnx for your info.