Remote File Inclusion - Website Hacking

Remote File Inclusion vulnerability is where we trick the web server in to putting our file (file uploader / php shell) in to the web page. It then parses our PHP script and we then have full control over the server. The exploit works because when a website calls another page to be displayed except, we edit the url so that the website thinks our shell is the page to display.

Normally, I'm against stuff like this. I believe people should find their own vulnerable sites. But, for the sake of this paper, i will show you how we can use google to get us vulnerable sites.

We will query google like so:


This query asks google to give us any page with index.php?page= in the url. If we look at it, we can see that 'page' is calling up whatever is after the equals sign. This is where the actual exploit lies. A good test to see if a website is actually vulnerable is to enter after the equal sign.

It is not necessary that every site will work look above statement....Only those will redirect to google,which having the security holes...
If the full website appears on the page, the websiteis vulnerable. If not, keep looking. To exploit the vulnerability we must first look at the following example of a RFI:
this is an example only,There is no such sites or file....

1. Get a free host website (like ByetHost or free webs)
2. Put a PHP shell (c99) in text form on the site
3. Insert the path to the shell in the vulnerable hosts URL, like the example above.
4.You can then proceed to deface the site etc.

Download | 1.46 MB
Password = hackintruths

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